About Lee

I’ve been a professional cartoonist since I was 15 years old. I’ve headed up the world’s oldest cartoonists association as VP and organised many conferences along the way. I’ve worked in animation studios on productions for many major film and television networks. It has been a long road since that first paid published drawing and whilst it hasn’t always been the easiest career path to follow, it has been full of memories and great stories to collect.

When I was a teenager, I was lucky enough to be introduced by a school friend to a cartoonist who happened to be their neighbour. This cartoonist happened to be a Guiness Book record holder for drawing a comic strip unaided for over 50 years. And with that introduction I was mentored for many years by Jim Russell.

I freelanced for the best part of my career as the work is very seasonal. I followed the work where and when it happened and was involved in many various sectors of the creative industry. From animation, laser displays, live caricature work to drawing a syndicated comic strip.

I found my comfort in creating owner/original works, not so much in projects that didn’t provide much input into the final production. It’s within the creativity of freedom in expression that I found my happy place. Making my own stories, creating new characters and developing properties as a creator/executive producer/runner.

I’ve been involved in the technology industry too. There’s a place for art in tech and a place for tech in art. I’m still finding where that sweet spot is with the two and I’m enjoying learning from the experience of it all.

Got any questions? have something interesting you think I could help with? Email.